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Mutare News

17 Jun CompTrain

CrossFit Mutare - MUTARE Competition R: 5k Run (Time)Max Effort 5k RunR: Legless Rope Climbs (10 Legless Rope Climbs)R: Metcon (Time)30 Clean And Jerks (225/155)R/O: Metcon (Time)For Time: 24 Cal...

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14 Jun CompTrain

CrossFit Mutare - MUTARE Competition R: Gymnastics BenchmarkA. Max Strict Parallette HSPU B. Max Kipping Parallette HSPUR/O: Back Squat (1 Rep Max)R/O: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)AMRAP 4:00: 400m Run 15 Burpees...

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13 Jun CompTrain

CrossFit Mutare - MUTARE Competition R: 1-Mile Run (Time)Max Effort 1-Mile RunR: Metcon (Time)30 Snatches for time (185/135)R: Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)Max Reps Unbroken Strict HSPUR/O: Metcon (Time)"Harley Love" 6...

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13 Jun 6/14/2017

CrossFit Mutare - CrossFitC: Metcon (No Measure)10 ROUNDS 30 SEC FLUTTER KICKS 30 SEC SQUAT HOLDC: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)12 MIN AMRAP 12 POWER SNATCH (95/65) 24 WALL BALLS (20/14)...

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13 Jun 6/13/2017

CrossFit Mutare - CrossFitC: Power Clean (2X3 (START AT 3X1 FROM 5/30 OR 70%) 2X2(+5-10) 2X1)C: Metcon (Time)10 ROUNDS 100M RUN 7 BAR MUSCLE UPS 7 HSPU 7 FRONT RACK LUNGE (SCALED: 7 C2B PULL...

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12 Jun Comp Train

CrossFit Mutare - MUTARE Competition R,O: Gymnastics Benchmark (Max Rep)Max Unbroken Ring Muscle-upsWeightliftingR,O: Snatch (60%/1 70%/1 75%/1 80%/1 85%/1)WeightliftingR,O: Snatch Pull ((107%/3)4)WeightliftingR,O: Front Squat (60%/2 70%/2 75%/2 80%/2 (85%/1)3)R:...

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