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Mutare News

21 May 11.1 REDO

CrossFit Mutare - CrossFitMobility SMFR Posterior chain Quads Gluteus Hamstrings Psoas Shoulder stretch with bandWarm-up500m Row 30 KB Swings 20 GHD back 10 BurpeesSkillDouble Unders Power SnatchCrossFit Games Open 11.1 (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)10-Minute AMRAP of: 30 Double-Unders 15 Power Snatches,...

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19 May Whittman

CrossFit Mutare - CrossFitMobility 2 crawls on track 1 lap walking lunges Posterior chain Gluteus Samson stretch Shoulders trapeziusWarm-up10 KB swings 35/53 10 Power clean 95/65 10 box jumps 20/24"Wittman (Time)Seven rounds: 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 15...

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16 May 5/16/2015

CrossFit Mutare - CrossFitMOBILITY (No Measure)SMFR-Posterior Chain Open Hips Ankles Shoulders TrapsJump Rope/Wall Ball Medley (No Measure)2 Rounds 50 Single Jump Ropes 10 WB 25 Double Unders 5 WBSkillHSPU Wall Ball Box Jumpshspu, boxes, & wall balls oh my (Time)21-15-9-6-3 HSPU Box...

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15 May 20 min AMRAP

CrossFit Mutare - Mutare UWarm-up1lap outside SMFR Posterior Chain Quads Shoulders Traps KB groin stretchWarm-up4 plate pushes on trackMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)20 min. AMRAP 10 KB Swings 10 goblet squats 10 pull-ups 10 hand release push ups...

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